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​FSD - Swedish Defence Standardization Agency is responsible for defence standardization,  standards, procedures and guidance on standardization issues both nationally and internationally.

​FSD is part of the The Director General’s Office within Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV).

FSD’s responsibilities:

FSD provides performance specifications that support the delivery of military capability.

It delivers the following services:

  • maintenance and development of a healthy and relevant portfolio of SWE Defence Standards (FSD®), providing associated standardization advice and guidance including the status, development, selection and application of SWE Defence Standards
  • provision of standardization management support and assistance to project teams both to develop their ‘Standardization management plan’ and implementing the intelligent selection and use of standards
  • negotiates, influences and agrees NATO and EDA standardization policy and procedures in support of SWE MOD military operations
  • provision of standardization policy which is consistent with government, NATO and EDA/EC policy
  • provision of defence standardization input to cross-government standardization committees
  • provision of online access to unclassified SWE Defence Standards, NATO STANAGs and Allied Publications (APs)
  • provision of access to SWE Defence Standards, NATO STANAGs and APs that are not available to download (above classified)
  • provision of access to other standards (beyond SWE Defence Standards and STANAGS) via the Standards On-Line (SOL) framework and demand orders
  • facilitates and deliver on the MOD and commercial licences for the distribution of Defence Standards, STANAGs and APs, generating revenue for DIPR


Contact us

Swedish Defence Materiel Administration


115 88 Stockholm

Email: fsdhelpdesk@fmv.se

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Försvarets materielverk
115 88 Stockholm

Växel & Fax

Telefon: +46 8 782 40 00
Fax: +46 8 667 57 99

FSD helpdesk

E-post: fsdhelpdesk@fmv.se